From Spain With Design (FSWD) is a project by READ, the Spanish Network of Design Associations, conceived collaboratively at the National Design Conferences as a tool for the promotion of Spanish design at an international level. It has financial support from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government.

There are many points and concepts that lead us to affirm the need for the implementation of this unique project, which while starting this year, is destined to become a live project that will continue growing year after year to act as a snapshot and an honest reflection of the sector:

The FSWD project is proposed as an essential tool for the promotion of Spanish design at a national and international level. Among its objectives is the desire to push forward creativity and design as a hub of development, projecting Spanish design both nationally and internationally, the cohesion of the professional collective and the current snapshot of the state of our sector, and in this way, to raise the profile of Spanish Design and to contribute to improving the “Marca España” or “Spanish Brand”.

The project also links perfectly with the collective motivation of the country, which aspires to change its model of production, proposing knowledge in design (a sector which is already mature in Spain), which is little known and under-used when it comes to promotion abroad, as an asset to be exploited. The focus of the project centers on the concepts of internationalization and export of the design sector, coinciding fully with the political discourse of public and private institutions, which will undoubtedly help to improve the prestige and the image of the country abroad.

We are living through a times dizzying changes which with the right vision can provide immense opportunities for business development: new technologies (IoT, Big data, RRSS, MKT…) new working procedures (collaborative work, co-design…) and new disciplines (Service design, Design Thinking…) are the keys to the growth in a sector of such strategic importance as design. This READ project will provide companies and institutions with a content that is unprecedented, attractive because of its subject matter, quality, great diversity and media impact, beginning with participating companies themselves.

The main focus of the project will be directed at showcasing the capabilities and talent of Spanish designers and their relationship with the companies that recognise the value of design and promote the development of its activity. The areas and sectors of activity to be integrated into the project will be: product design, graphic design and visual communication, interior design and design of spaces, design of services, logically it will also include production companies and publishers linked to these areas of activity.

it is necessary to show the new trends and opportunities that are opening up in the sector, with practical and successful examples, which open up new perspectives for development and business for both professionals and domestic companies abroad. At the same time it is important to showcase emerging talent, our professionals of the future.

Empowerment and equality:
design is a key sector for the sustainable development of society. The professionals who work in the design sector in all its areas must be aware of their capacity, contribution and role in the development of contemporary societies. For the FSWD project it is equally important to promote and give coverage to female designers who are becoming more and more important each year within the sector.

the design sector in our country is strong and well established, but it is always possible to work harder in order to further strengthen it, with greater internal cohesion and greater awareness of the profession. Working towards greater collaboration at both national and regional level between professionals and the different entities that bring them together will most definitely provide significant gains in the near future for the sector.


Faced with the need to contribute to the internationalization of Spanish design, READ takes on the challenge of implementing this project as it is considered strategic for the sector as a whole. The objectives of the project are:



To show the creative capacity and potential of Spanish design.


To explain the history, current situation and keys to the future of Spanish design.


To promote contemporary Spanish design internationally by promoting a panoramic view of the sector.


To claim a relevant position in the panorama of international design and achieve a better positioning of Spanish design worldwide.


To bring up to date knowledge of Spanish designed products and to obtain a representative sample of Spanish design by means of the identification and selection of the most relevant products, from the icons that have marked different generations to the most avant-garde production


To make possible the union and collaborative work of the different agents in the sector: professionals, companies, clients, associations, specialised press, etc.


To generate an exchange network that includes public and private entities for the purpose of promoting design at a national level and with a European focus


To introduce and strengthen the use of innovation through new methodologies, trends and technologies, opening up new opportunities for growth and the consolidation of businesses and professionals in the sector.


At a national level:
a. The dissemination situation of the sector.
b. The cohesion of the professional collective.
c. Transmitting the importance of a discipline that shapes the scenarios of our lives.
d. The promotion of companies that include design as an important part of their business strategies.


The project is developed and structured as a platform that collects all the information generated and is capable of showing it through different platforms, that complement each other:

Responsive online platform
Interactive Documentary

Adaptable Ehxibtition

The design sectors covered by this first stage of the project are:

  • _Graphic Design/Visual Communication
  • _Industrial Design/Product
  • _Design of Spaces / Interior Design
  • _Interactive Design/New Media
  • _Design of Services

The content corresponding to these design sectors is divided into the following categories, which in turn will relate to each other:

  • _Professionals/ Designers
  • _Businesses
  • _Projects

The evaluation of all the content that forms part of the project and is indeed its cornerstone will be the responsibility of a Selection Committee (made up of 7 professionals with distinguished careers) which will be in charge of validating and selecting content from all the proposals suggested by the National Design Associations.



The FSWD project will have a live content that will be disseminated nationally and internationally through the three formats that are under construction (platform, documentary and exhibitions), but also thorough the associated agents in the sector (customers, specialized press, associations) which will allow new horizons to open up for joint development with real returns. The actions to be developed are as follows:

Press and communication
The presentation of the project to the general media, specialized press within the sector, influencers and disseminators in the design sector.

Presentation event
An event to present the project: an explanation of the three formats of visualization of content; presence of key participants of the Selection Committee, explanation of international objectives, presentation of collaborators, etc.

Inaugural itinerant exhibition in the national territory
As a way of disseminating the project and as an opportunity to show the possibilities of physical exhibition though the Adaptable Exhibition Project, we propose a first itinerant exhibition which will travel around the different national design associations and serve as a snapshot of current Spanish design.

Dissemination to International Design Centres, Hubs and Associations
Communication to be addressed to all hubs and design centres worldwide: presenting the project and explaining the options it offers so that each entity can show, exhibit, present Spanish design to their communities, as well as generating links for possible collaborations, co-productions, project exchanges, etc. This act of communication is
fundamental in order for FSWD to meet its objectives of showcasing Spanish design and the internationalization of professionals and companies.


To define the target audience at which the project is aimed, we have to answer these two questions:
Who do we create value for? and
Which is our most important audience?

It is essential to consider the FSWD project as a communication, consultation and management tool though which different entities can benefit in order to obtain new differentiated services, as well as opinion leaders/disseminators who help to spread the services offered by design professionals through promoting the visibility and standing of our collective.


The potential and priority audiences which have been identified initially belong to different segments:

Their needs require and justify an alternative to already existing events: Trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses, seminars, etc

Therefore, the different segments or groups of people or entities to be addressed by the FSWD project are:

Private entities:
Microenterprises, SMEs and large companies that demand professional design services.

Opinion leaders:
nfluencers, bloggers, journalists specialized in the sector of creativity and design.



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