From Spain With Design is a project of the Spanish Network of Design Associations (Red Española de Asociaciones de Diseño; READ), conceived collaboratively in the National Design Meetings as a tool for the projection of Spanish design at international level.



A generalist documentary, aimed at design professionals but also at the general public. With a friendly and approachable tone, avoiding complex or technical explanations, each project that is presented will have a certain narrative individuality, with its own structure and contextualisation. The storyline will interweave, with an agile rhythm, different subplots (projects) and testimonies.

The documentary, which is still in production, aims to provide a panoramic view of current Spanish design, placing special emphasis on its role as a strategic element and as a factor in the modernisation and internationalisation of companies.

Using the well-known phrase of the American automobile manufacturer Henry Ford “every object tells a story” as a common thread, it also presents the

new perspectives that, since the beginning of the 21st century, are turning design into an open and plural profession, increasingly committed to the environment and to people. In this way, Spanish design is presented to the outside world as a consolidated profession connected with the ways of doing things in other European countries that responds to the interests and concerns of the societies of our time.


The design sector is taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new digital and information technologies to work with foreign companies, not only exporting products but also designing for them.

The documentary presents the current situation of design in Spain through eight projects that run in parallel, from the first ideas and sketches to the final result. These projects are connected by a series of transversal threads such as the role of design for companies, the decentralisation of the design map, with the emergence of alternatives to the great capitals of Spanish design

(Madrid and Barcelona), internationalisation, the importance of working for people, which implies an inclusive perspective but also one of services, and the criteria of sustainability in the discipline. Each story will be adapted to the specific characteristics of each project and together they will create a polyphonic narrative that alludes to what Spanish design is today and its possibilities.