We continue our monthly section with EDUARDO DEL FRAILE, a multidisciplinary designer present at ‘From Spain With Design: Identity and Territory’ with the packaging piece for the SOSO flower of salt, which was incorporated from the itinerancy in Murcia. Please remember that if you have not yet seen the exhibition, you can do so at […]


This monthly section on the exhibition From Spain With Design: Identity and Territory would not be complete without Inma Bermúdez’s FollowMe lamp. We are talking to the brand-new winner of the National Design Award 2022. You are part of FSWD: Identity and Territory with the lamp you created for Marset FollowMe, which, in your own […]


Among the pieces in the ‘Identity and Territory’ axis of ‘From Spain With Design’ we find La Siesta, a work by Héctor Serrano, Alberto Martínez and Racky Martínez. It is a terracotta pot that can be used as a bottle or a jar and combines the appearance of the plastic water bottle and the traditional […]